The Women’s Empowerment Unit at the Center for Educational and Psychological Research at the University of Baghdad have organized an exhibition on “Drug Abuse Risks for Girls”.

The aim of the exhibition is to introduce the dangers of recent spread of drug addiction among young girls and the need to raise awareness of the role of the family in protecting our generations as well as educating children about the deadly consequences of such a habit, in alignment with enhancing confidence among adolescents, providing support and creating a healthy social atmosphere in the community and having a clear vision about the friends of our girls. The organizers of this exhibition insisted on not to give young boys and girls large amounts of money and engage them in useful games that develop their mental abilities in free time. The images and posters displayed in this event also varied in theme where they called for raising awareness of the dangers of drug use, discovering the signs of deterioration of young children in school, signs of withdrawal, rebellion, lying, theft and mood swings, as well as child neglect signs such as poor appearance and deteriorating health.

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