The Department of Biology, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Science, has organized a lecture on bacterial pigments and their applications” in the presence of a number of students, researchers and biological stakeholders. The aim of the lecture was to show the importance of such material as an alternative to synthetic dyes in many areas due to the biological properties of bacterial pigments as being factors or chemicals that react against microbes, viruses since they are described as antioxidants.

The lecture was presented by Dr. Nisreen Hadi Odeh to shed light on the widespread use of synthetic dyes in many applications and the causes of hypersensitivity or carcinogenic effects of them in order to reach at natural dyes of plant or microbial origin, noting that the bacterial dyes are a good alternative to synthetic dyes, due to their properties, as well as their safe use as coloring chemicals in the cosmetic and food industry, recommending their use for their distinct properties in the fight against many pathogenic microbes.

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