The College of Physical Education for Women at the University of Baghdad held a practical lecture for the undergraduate students entitled ” Surya Namaskar” in cooperation and coordination with the Yoga Federation of India represented by the members of the Indian Embassy Dr. Makki Kazem Burhan and Dr. Mustafa Kazem Husseini and that was delivered by the President of the Syrian Federation of Yoga, Meditation and Energy Philosophy, Prof. Acharya Mazen.

The lecturer at first explained that the reason behind this event is to respond to an invitation from the Council for Cultural Relations in cooperation with the National Federation of Yoga to all yoga lovers in the world with the aim to do a sun salutation step-by-step by a series of twelve physical postures where each set is composed of 12 yoga poses practiced to promote a healthy lifestyle through such a physical & spiritual experience via pranayama that is focusing on breath. At the end of the lecture, the dean honored the representatives of the Indian Embassy with shields of the college and books of thanks and appreciation in gratitude for their efforts in establishing such educational and cultural events for the common good.

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