The Department of Astronomy and Space, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Science has organized a scientific symposium entitled “The Search for Life outside Our Planet” in the presence of a number of students, researchers and those interested in this topic. The aim of the symposium was to shed light on the scientific ideas of the search for life outside of the solar system and if there are any signs of life on other plane, as well as to answer a number of questions that have occupied the imagination of scientists, intellectuals and the general public and have been escalating recently thanks to the great scientific progress that human societies are witnessing at present.

This event was headed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Salman and Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Naji Abdul Hussein, that included shedding light on some of the intellectual approaches related to the search for extraterrestrial life according to the concepts of astronomy, physics and mathematics, the possibility of detecting life if any, in addition to analyzing the most adopted technological methods in this field with a review of the most prominent attempts already made by scientists that all provide information on the possibility of the survival and continuity of the human race.

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