The Islamic Science Forum for Culture and Knowledge at the University of Baghdad held its twenty fourth international symposium on “The dictionary definition in light of the modern lexical theory” that was delivered by Prof. Dr. Huda Amara from the University Mohammed Premier Oujda – UMP in Morocco and Prof. Dr. Ali Helou from the University of Baghdad.

The lecturers confirmed that the definition is the mainstay of linguistic dictionaries used to disclose the meanings of regular vocabulary in a given discipline, revealing its connotations and to disprove any confusion or ambiguity in abstract meanings. They asserted also that perfection is a divine characteristic, so it is natural that some of the deficiencies affect any human work, in order to overcome some of the gaps observed in definition of terms in dictionaries and to comprehend a (unit) so as to give an accurate description from the semantic point of view and that covers the acoustic aspect, pure structure, lexical meaning, and stereotypical affiliation, in addition to the identification of sex, number, history and contexts.

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