The College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Women held a qualitative lecture for the students of the undergraduate studies entitled “Sports in the context of preventing violent extremism” delivered by the lecturer at the Individual Games Branch, Prof. Dr. Bushra Kazem al-Hamash.

The aim of the lecture was to state the concept of violent extremism as the beliefs and actions of a person who promotes, supports, facilitates or commits acts of violence to achieve ideological, religious or political goals, where she pointed out that sport is a successful platform to address the ideologies and root causes of violent extremism, as it has a role by generating social capital, as well as its contribution to mobilizing societies, promoting social inclusion, solidarity, peace, tolerance and understanding by bringing people closer together across borders, cultures and religions, as well as working to promote communication and build bridges between conflicting societies, so sport is a tool to overcome conflict and social tension. The lecturer added that the most important preventive programs supporting the reduction of violent extremism come through the exercise of safe spaces, social integration, education, resilience and empowerment. It is noteworthy that he most important sports initiatives contributing to the prevention of violent extremism are youth participation and active participation, life skills, meaningful participation, youth leadership, peer learning and critical thinking.

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