The Department of Home Economics at the College of Education for Women, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit held a virtual workshop entitled (The world in the eyes of autistic children) via Google Meet service.

The lecture was presented by Prof. Dr. Afraa Ibrahim Khalil al-Obaidi who provided valuable information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among children and its most important features and impacts on the family and community, as well as referred to the way an autistic child coexists with his surroundings and his sense of various external signs and alarms. The workshop concluded with several recommendations, including the use of learning and visual training such as images, actions and activities, as well as the use of education through simple and entertaining games, taking into account calm, continuity and repetition, avoiding confusing children with many words, orders and requests, and the patience of parents and the need to receive support from relatives and society, which is something that helps a lot in child development and overcoming difficulties in upbringing generations.

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