The Maternal and Newborn Nursing Branch, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Nursing, has organized an online workshop on “Natural Methods of Family Planning” via  the Google Meet service in the presence of a number of professors from all over Iraq, that was presented by the lecturer Dr. Aqdas Dawood Salman and the lecturer Dr. Wissam Mishaan Mutalib.

The workshop included the most important natural methods of family planning, after giving a simple introduction to the concept of family planning, a detailed explanation of each of the natural methods of family planning about how it is used and the success rates of each method in preventing unwanted pregnancies. At the end of the workshop, the teaching staff praised the attendees for their thanks and gratitude to the workshop organizers due to the importance of information in the natural methods of family planning as it does not cause side effects as in the hormonal methods of family planning that cause short and long-term damage, while the natural methods of family planning are safe from any negative effects on health and its success depends heavily on the cooperation of the couple in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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