Under the auspices of the dean of the college of nursing Prof. Dr. Huda Baqir Hassan and her assistant dean for scientific affairs &postgraduate studies and her assistant for administrative affairs and under the direct supervision of the professors of Child & Maternal-Newborn Nursing Branches, a debate was organized for the third-grade students under a direct arbitration by the assistant dean for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Wissam Jabbar Qassim and Prof. Dr. Hussein Hadi Attia.

The aim of the discussion was to create a spirit of cognitive competition among students and to upgrade their medical and nursing knowledge and skills related to the care of newborn children. The debate included a range of medical and nursing questions related to diseases, nursing care and medical or nursing procedures for each medical case where certificates of appreciation were distributed to the participating students by the head of the Pediatric Nursing Branch, Assist. Prof. Dr. Athraa Hussein Shawky, head of the Maternal and Newborn Nursing Branch, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hawraa Hussein Ghafil.

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