The Quality Assurance and University’s Performance Division, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Science has organized a lecture entitled “Entrances to the application of comprehensive quality performance and international merit awards” in the presence of a number of professors, researchers and stakeholders from quality assurance committees of various scientific departments.

The aim of the lecture was to identify the performance of the higher education sector and the great interest it is witnessing in most countries of the world and at all levels, and to introduce the importance of applying the model of comprehensive quality management for the purpose of achieving quality and university performance by using modern methods in management that maintain the continuity of good performance to keep up with the world in accordance with modern concepts and overcome the challenges, especially in higher education institutions, which contributes to its advancement. The lecture was delivered by the faculty member at the Development and Continuing Education Center, Assist. Prof. Dr. Salem Hamid Salem, who reviewed the concepts of the comprehensive quality management factor and what is the service of higher education and its characteristics and the management of comprehensive quality in higher education institutions and its comprehensive objectives and dimensions of quality of service, the steps of the application of the quality system in higher education institutions and the evaluation of its operations, pointing to the principles of quality assurance in higher education institutions as the basis for this evaluation.

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