The Department of Biological Technologies, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Science, has organized the scientific symposium entitled “Food additives and their impact on food quality” in the presence of a number of students, researchers and those concerned with food and medical affairs. The aim of the seminar was to introduce the types of food additives and the purpose of using them as additives with details related to their sources and damages and to clarify the role of regulatory organizations responsible for food quality and global coding methods of these additives in the preservation of food and the validity of these substances for the longest period of time without health effects on consumers.

The symposium was presented by Dr. Shaimaa Razak, Dr. Aydaa Hussein, Dr. Aseel Shaker, Dr. Wassin Wael, who reviewed the role of industrial dyes in food quality and related to food security and the nature of the tests passed by the food manufactured before marketing it and clarifying what organic food is and its importance to human health and what many ancient peoples have done in the use of salt, spices and compounds resulting from burning wood in the preservation of meat and fish via smoking, salting, drying or other methods. They also stressed the urgent need to produce large quantities of food to feed people and retain the validity of these nutrients for the longest period of time, using food additives in food, by producing approximately 2,500 additives, stressing that these are substances or flavors made by chemicals or of natural origin used to preserve products from pollution or corruption.

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