The College of Islamic Sciences held its 23rd International Symposium entitled “The Old Arab Critical Lesson: Reality and Ambition”, in which Prof. Dr. Ihsan al-Wati from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman and Prof. Dr. Anwar Saeed from the University of Baghdad. The lecturers confirmed that the subject of literary criticism among Arabs is one of the basic subjects taught by students of the department of Arabic language, but it is taught as if it is part of past history, developed by our Arab critics, especially in the field of criticism of discourse. The lecturers addressed the poet’s freedom to use and expand the language since poets are like “princes of speech”, and that they may not depart from the conventional or ideal language, which is known today as displacement in the modern critical lesson, and also critical issues the issue of poetic thefts, or what is known as influence or dissonance at present to realize the creativity of our ancient Arab critics as they deal with this issue.

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