The College of Administration and Economics has organized a scientific symposium entitled Student and University Security Department presented by the Captain Mortaza Majeed Haider from the Higher Institute for Security Development at the Ministry of Interior. This event included introducing the topic of student’s security, which includes several paragraphs: combating drugs, electronic extortion, managing bullying, protecting educational facilities, cyber-security and civil defense.

The symposium on the definition of university’s security, which includes the protection of educational facilities, all processes that are intended to preserve individuals, their property and protecting them. The drug addiction was known scientifically as the chemicals that causes falling asleep or unconsciousness accompanied by pain, the social and health effects of drug addicts and how to treat the addicted person. Electronic extortion is a threat and intimidation of the victim by publishing photographs or film material or leaking confidential information concerning the victim, in exchange for payment of money or the victim’s exploitation of illegal acts on behalf of the blackmailers, such as disclosing confidential business or other illegal acts.

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