Dr. Hamdia Shaker Muslim, the head of the department of economics at the College of Administration and Economics, has participated in the first conference of Al-Faw Grand Port held by the Basra and Arab Gulf Studies Center at the University of Basrah in cooperation with the General Company for Ports of Iraq, which was held under the slogan “The Great Port of Faw: Challenges, Strategic Importance and Future Prospects”.

She has presented a research paper on the strategic importance of this great port and the problems suffered by the shipping sector, where the Iraqi shipping sector and ports suffer from many problems that constitute an obstacle to various activities, as the recent developments in the movement of international trade and advanced ports no longer keep pace with these recent developments. She wondered whether the construction of the large FAO port could lead to the elimination of the problem of Iraq’s rent economy, what its impact on the reality of sustainable development in Iraq was and what solutions were proposed to finance the construction of the Faw Grand Port. Also she hoped that the east-west port will be an important step in diversifying the sources of state revenues and exiting the Iraqi economy. The themes of the conference varied between the political and strategic dimension of this port and its role in international balances. At last, Dr. Hamdia Shaker Muslim received a book of thanks and appreciation from the director of the Basra and Arab Gulf Studies Center, Dr. Qais Nasser Rahi, and the director of the General Company for Iraqi Ports, Dr. Farhan Muhaisin al-Fartoosi.

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