Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid al-Saadi, rector of the University of Baghdad has inaugurated recently a fitness hall and a biomechanics laboratory for all-in-one fitness testing equipment at the college of physical education, accompanied by the assistant rector for administrative affairs, Prof. Dr. Sarmad Fouad Jabr. It is noteworthy that the computer laboratory was also rehabilitated lately and was equipped with the latest technical devices including smart displays and advanced projectors that are to be used by the students of all grades.

Then Dr. Munir Hamid al-Saadi opened up a physiology laboratory equipped with the latest equipment used for physiological and biomechanical assessment that were imported by the college for assisting scholars of the undergraduate and postgraduate studies, in addition to a fitness hall to meet the requirements of the fitness lesson, concluding his visit with the opening up of a guest reception hall to be ready for all occasions. The rector praised the great efforts made by the deanship for strengthening the theoretical and applied aspects of study which will elevate its status in scientific rankings in particular and develop the reality of its infrastructure in general.

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