Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khalid Mahmoud, head of the department of Sharia at the college of Islamic sciences has published a joint research paper entitled “Mental presumption and its role in determining the meaning of the sentence according to al- Rummani Commentary on the Book of Sibawayh” listed in Scopus database.

The researcher tried to address the topic of mental presumption as one of the most important clues explaining the speaker’s intention and giving a mental analysis of the departure of the grammatical structure away from the original and that is a new science in its presentation but old in treatments. The study plan consisted of a theoretical perspective that highlighted the concepts of the mind and the role of mental presumption in the statement of intent of the speaker, the composition of the text or sentence, while the applied perspective dealt with the employment of this aspect in determining the meaning of the sentence according to al- Rummani. The researcher also found out that the mental presumption is one of the proofs affecting the meaning of intent and its impact on the intention of the speaker throughout his commentary on the Book of Sibawayh.

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