The college of physical education and sports sciences for women at the University of Baghdad held an awareness lecture entitled “Drugs and their effects on the community”. The lecture aimed to show the role of sports in eliminating addiction and treatment of stress, anxiety, depression and mental illness, especially when practicing Yoga, as well as its impact in motivating the body to produce certain chemicals.

The lecturers addressed the most important factors that lead to drug use, including family disintegration, bad comrades, poor religious prejudices, as well as the prohibitions of Islamic law to corruption and how to invest leisure time, economic situation, abundance of substances of abuse, low level of education and the culture prevailing, psychological and social factors. Several topics were discussed by the participants, the most important of which are the concepts of drugs, abuse, habitation, addiction, addict, types of drugs, religious legislation related to drugs, or factors that led to drug use, the main characteristics of personality of the addict.

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