The department of astronomy and space at the college of science, in cooperation with the scientific care department at the ministry of youth and sports has organized a scientific symposium and an astronomical monitoring evening in celebration of the World Space Week with the participation of a number of scholars, amateurs and those interested in this field.

The participants shed light on one of the most important natural sciences and important aspects that can be invested in to achieve the scientific and technological aspirations of our new generations, as well as to introduce the types of optical telescopes appropriate for amateurs who attempts to monitor different celestial bodies and ways to use them properly. At first, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Hussein delivered a lecture in which he stressed the role of the Iraqi astronomical researchers in the development of applied sciences and reviewed the reality and ambitions towards scientific cooperation with other local and international forums, including the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Then, Prof. Dr. Najat Mohammed Rashid Rauf gave a lecture in which she talked about the college’s ambition towards establishing an Iraqi space agency by coordinating official and technical efforts with academic bodies in the country, as well as the role of such projects in shaping a future vision internally and internationally. Finally, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Salman highlighted the most important current indicators of this science at the local level, with a simplified account of the projects achieved before and others planned for the near future. At the conclusion of this event, the amateurs practiced the mechanism of monitoring Venus, Saturn and Jupiter at length.

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