Director of the center for international studies participates in a lecture on the role of Iraqi women during the Covid-19 epidemic

Prof. Dr. Ibtisam Mohammed al-Ameri, director of the center for strategic and international studies at the University of Baghdad has participated in a scientific lecture sponsored by Al-Mustansiriyah Center for Arab and International Studies under the slogan “The economic and political participation of Iraqi women in the light of Covid-19 pandemic”.

Dr. Ibtisam al-Ameri pointed out that the critical reality caused by the spread of this global crisis has resulted in a deterioration of the economic situation in Iraq and which in turn affected negatively on women in the labor market, also the fact that many individuals working in the non-governmental sector had lost their jobs which is a case that caused an increase in the unemployment and poverty rates. She added that despite the large and positive role played by women in dealing with hardships, but they still suffer from job insecurity as long as the pandemic exists and that the Iraqi women’s political participation at the official level during the pandemic is below the required standard, while at the informal level we noticed that the civil society organizations in Iraq have been very active in the humanitarian and social fields through many volunteer initiatives.

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