Professor from the center for heritage revival publishes an article on the phenomenon of electronic bullying

Prof. Dr. Khameel Shaker al-Jamali, head of the Baghdad Documentation Department at the Center for the Revival of Arab Scientific Heritage has published an article entitled “The phenomenon of cyberbullying among adolescents” in the Baghdadi Newspaper.

In this research paper, Dr. Khameel al-Jamali discussed and analyzed the reasons behind the spread of this behavior among adolescents, including the characteristics of their personalities since they tend to love excitement and experience new things, as well as the desire of the teenager to prove himself in front of others and to give an impression that he has passed childhood and became a mature person, by establishing a sense of control of the feelings of others, thus stimulating fear and terror for the victims in addition to attract attention and that is why they regard the virtual environment as a source of excitement and as a means to reach this end. The researcher also pointed out that the electronic bullying causes depression for the victims if they do not receive immediate assistance and they might suffer from a difficulty in trusting others, complicated emotions such as suspicion, fear, lack of feeling safe and resort to isolation especially the young people.

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