The college of science holds its third international conference on physics in Turkey

The department of physics at the college of science, in collaboration with the European-Arab Academy of Education and Development in Belgium, has organized recently the third International Conference of Physical Science & Advanced Materials, held in Istanbul, Turkey, in the presence of a number of researchers concerned with physical and pure disciplines.

The conference, co-organized by the Iraqi Academics Association, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the IRD Global Platform and the Turkish universities of Okur and Kavram, aimed to be a great opportunity for participants to build cooperation in the fields of scientific research among researchers, and to develop ways of joint cooperation with eu countries in obtaining research and training support in the fields of advanced modern applications in physics and materials science. The University of Baghdad’s delegation was chaired by the assistant rector for scientific affairs, Dr. Abdul kareem Mohammed al-Sammarraie and a number of heads of departments and faculty members at the college, who delivered many lectures and presented research papers submitted by graduate students of Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Britain, America, United Arab Emirates, as well as many professors from Iraqi public and private universities, in addition to a number of research published in the: (Journal of Physics – IOP Conference Series, Scopus Q3).

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