The department of astronomy and space, in collaboration with the continuing education unit at the college of science and in coordination with the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, has organized an electronic scientific symposium entitled “Astronomy and space in Iraq between reality and ambition” with the participation of a number of students and researchers from inside and outside the university.

The first lecture was delivered by the rector the University of Sharjah, Prof. Dr. Hameed al-Nuaimi who talked about the importance of astronomy science and the role of natural sciences in improving the general scientific culture in communities, while the second lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Najat Mohammed Rashid Rauf, in which she recommended the establishment of an Iraqi space agency through coordinating official and technical efforts with academic bodies, as well as the role of such projects in enhancing expertise of those specialized in this discipline. The symposium was concluded with a lecture delivered by the Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Salman who addressed the most important current indicators of space knowledge at the local level, in addition to a simplified account of the projects achieved in Iraq and other related plans.

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