Researcher from the center for strategic studies participates in a seminar on the specialized translation

Samira Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, head of the translation unit at the Center for Strategic and International Studies has participated in a virtual seminar on the specialized translation organized by the department of linguistics and translation studies at Beit Al-Hikma also called the House of Wisdom. She presented a research paper entitled “Political text and the specialized translation’s challenges” in which she first defined this term and discussed the difficulties faced by interpreters when translating the political discourse as being one of the most difficult kinds of translation, especially for the government statements because such texts can have a significant impact on international relations and public opinion.

Then the lecturer highlighted two conditions that the translators must take into account when translating political texts, including the importance of reading the critical analysis of political statements and speeches before translating them, while the other condition is to be in commitment to the principle of neutrality and honesty since the translator is not required to express his own points of view or to correct the mistakes found in the original text.

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