The college of physical education and sports sciences at the University of Baghdad hosted the extraordinary meeting of the Supervisory and Scientific Evaluation Office of the ministry of higher education and scientific research, which included the directors of the quality assurance and performance evaluation departments in all Iraqi universities. The meeting was headed by Prof. Dr. Salah Hadi al-Fetlawi, in the membership of the director of the department of quality assurance and academic accreditation Mr. Khaled Shinawah and Mr. Adel Majid Eidan, the director of the department of performance evaluation.

The participants discussed the annual performance evaluation plans for estimating the performance of university staff, faculty members and senior leaders, as well as discussing some important matters related to the annual evaluation mechanism and the proposals forwarded by the members of quality assurance divisions to solve some problems that concern some axes regarding the publication of academic research in international sober repositories as well as the scientific awards given to distinguished professors according to their specific disciplines, in addition to outdoor activities that contribute to the service of our community and the educational institutions during the current exceptional circumstances.

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