The university council holds its 19th session to discuss a number of administrative and technical issues

The council of the University of Baghdad held its nineteenth session under the chairmanship of the rector Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid al-Saadi and in the presence of the assistant rector for administrative and scientific affairs, all members and deans of faculties. The session has started with discussing some occupational safety procedures taken at all university formations through committees formed for this purpose in order to reduce accidental incidents and electrical fires, in addition to conducting field training practices in this regard.

Then the council laid out the outlines of an exhibition of scientific products, that will be launched at the Central Library on June 17, also the members addressed the integrated education issue, curricula adopted, setting plans for the end of the current academic year by the use of same online platforms approved in previous exams, in coordination with the central committees that indicated some advantages vs. shortcomings of the electronic lectures reported by faculty representatives.

At the conclusion of this session, the council discussed the upgrading of the academic scientific journals issued by the University of Baghdad and urging professors to publish their research in our local open access journals, provided that they are accredited by sober global repositories, where a committee will be formed by the ministry of higher education and scientific research to support, follow up and deal with international rankings thoroughly, especially since the university is on its way towards the mechanization of work and openness to the world.

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