Awareness symposium on Covid-19 vaccines at the college of physical education

The college of physical education and sports sciences at the University of Baghdad, in cooperation with the members of the health center held recently an awareness symposium on the Covid-19 vaccines for postgraduate students, attended by the assistant rector for administrative affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Wahid Nasser, Dr. Duha Abdul Manaf Hamza, Dr. Amal Mahdi Muhammad, Prof. Muhannad Abdul Sattar AbdeluHadi, the Chairman of the Postgraduate Studies Committee Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ghazi, Prof. Dr. Saleh Radi as well as a number of faculty members.

This awareness campaign aimed to shed light on the importance of getting the Coronavirus vaccination to prevent the spread of this epidemic disease, as well as to explain the correct methods that should be adopted when dealing with patients to confirm the application of all possible preventive precautions in this regard. Prof. Dr. Louay Sami Refaat, head of the Theoretical Sciences Branch, explained that the staff of the health center at the college had carried out many awareness campaigns for undergraduate students and employees, along with deploying several examination campaigns and periodic swabs during exams. This symposium came in implementation of the directives of the presidency of the University of Baghdad and the department of media and public relations to conduct educational awareness initiatives on the benefits of taking the Coronavirus vaccine for the whole community to end the ferocious spread of Covid-19 in Iraq.

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