Course on waste recycling at the college of education for pure sciences

The department of chemistry at the college of education for pure and applied sciences (Ibn Al-Haytham) has organized a training course on waste recycling, in which a number of professors gave specialized lectures. The course aimed at identifying the importance of recycling waste and how to get rid of the consequences of this very big environmental problem, causing pollution and how to reduce its impact on the reality of life in the country, especially after the widespread spread of cancerous diseases.

The lecturers indicated that waste constitutes a stand-alone environmental problem where garbage thrown randomly on the sides of main and secondary roads, as well as in agricultural lands, or transported to a public landfill for garbage to be collected and then buried without any processing. Some countries have resorted to using modern technical methods to benefit from recycling by interconnected processes after sorting garbage according to their types to become as raw materials suitable for processing and then to be converted into usable products.

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