Virtual lecture on column chromatography at the college of science

The department of biology, in cooperation with the continuing education unit and Ibn Sina unit for e-learning at the college of science held a virtual lecture entitled “Column chromatography: preparation and uses” with the participation of a number of professors and students delivered by Assist. Lecturer Laith Zuhair Fadel for discussing this method used commonly to isolate a single chemical compound from a mixture and to determine in terms of quality and quantity.

It is a physical method for analysis and separation substances using two phases, stationary and mobile, where the substance to be examined, i.e, analyzed is distributed between these phases either by its solubility in both phases or by its different adsorption in the fixed (stationary) absorbent phase used for the sake of separating substances. The lecture included an introduction to the column chromatography method compared with the Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) method used for analyzing mixtures by separating its compounds to determine the number of components in a mixture and the purity of a compound.

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