Course on how to evaluate scientific research at the college of education for women

Assist. Prof. Dr. Rana Hamid al-Bahrani, a faculty member from the department of English language and the Editor in Chief of the Journal of the College of Education for Women, in cooperation with the continuing education unit, has organized a training course entitled “How to evaluate scientific research academically” through FCC platform. The professor sought to provide a detailed explanation of the “Single Blind and Double Blind” methods used for research assessment and the three criteria related to technical, ethical and scientific aspects.

Dr. Rana al-Bahrani addressed in detail the main points that the reviewer should pay attention to when evaluating any research, namely not to agree on evaluating any research he/she unspecialized in because it would take a lot of time to understand the terminology and basics of research and it may include injustice or lead to delaying assessment, as well as rejecting to work with any fake journal, along with commitment to accuracy and objectivity when taking notes and determining faults.

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