Workshop on the impact of extremist ideology on society at the college of Islamic sciences

The continuing education unit at the college of Islamic sciences, in collaboration with the department of Arabic language held a workshop entitled “Extremist ideology and its impact on the social and ethical systems in society” presented by Assist. Prof. Dr. Muayad Abbas Hussein.

The lecturer first identified the term “extremism”, its phases, causes and manifestations in society, as well as clarifying the difference between fanaticism, extremism, racism and terrorism. Then he presented examples of intellectual, religious, sectarian, national and other types of extremism and how to address their effects, especially among young people as well as the impact of democracy and social justice in eliminating extremism. At the conclusion of the workshop, Dr. Muayad Abbas stated that moderation and accept others are the most effective ways to combat and eliminate extremism and emphasized on the spread of tolerance, love and peace, since God is love and all heavenly religions, especially our blessed religion (Islam), emphasized calling people to God with wisdom and good preaching with rejection of all kinds of domination. God created us as a nation of compromise, and made peoples and tribes to get to know each other, not to fight.

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