Professor from the college of media participates in international conference in Oman

Dr. Safad Hussam al-Shammari, a professor of public relation at the college of media has participated lately in the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Digital Content sponsored by the college of arts and social sciences at Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman, held under the slogan (Mass communication in the digital environment between the imperatives and requirements of media education). Dr. Safad al-Shammari presented a research paper entitled “Commitment of the Iraqi digital content makers to the international quality standards” in which he addressed this topic that represents a key element in the global digital movement at all levels and the need to evaluate its effectiveness in light of the intellectual output targeted towards individuals online without any restrictions that may significantly affect their performance and development.

Then he discussed the mechanisms of regulating the non-systematic industry of digital content in Iraq, which began to interact greatly, even if many of them violate the prevailing social and ethical values. The researcher also stressed that the digital content makers in Iraq do not have sufficient perception of the requirements of content quality, as well as the absence of government and educational censorship of digital media, so we notice at present that some digital contents may have million trends and followers regardless of their quality.

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