Virtual symposium on the secrets of reprograming subconscious at the college of science

The department of computer science, in collaboration with the Ibn Sina e-learning and continuing education units at the college of science organized a virtual symposium on “The strategies for reprogramming and controlling the subconscious mind” with the participation of a number of students, professors and those concerned with psychological and medical affairs.

The lectures was delivered by Dr. Suhad Faisal Sheikhan with the aim to identify more than six hundred and seventy determinants or laws of the subconscious, weather positive or negative, through which we can comprehend the way that the brain understands and analyze things and how to expand our thinking. Dr. Suhad Faisal stated that there is no reality, but there is a perception of reality in different ways, pointing out that perception is the cause of the reality we live in and through the change of this perception, our reality changes. Then she warned from the negative thinking, explaining that studies indicated that 80% of human thoughts are negative and they cause 75% of human organic and neurological diseases, along with other symptoms of frustration, depression, ulcers, diabetes, kidney disease and even cancer, so she stressed that thoughts are extremely dangerous for human beings, recommending trying to think of the best positive ideas in life that seek happiness, health and optimism.

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