The department of physics at the college of science in collaboration with its counterpart in the University of Fallujah organized a virtual international scientific symposium via Google Classroom service on “Modern Trends in Physics and Its Applications” with the participation of a number of professors and researchers from various universities inside and outside Iraq. The symposium aimed to introduce participants to the most prominent modern applications in physics.

This event included the participation of three international lecturers, Dr. Nasser Mahmoud Ahmed, a researcher at the University of Sciences in Malaysia who discussed the concept of electric perm and how to manufacture this device from local materials, as well as how to produce Nanofibers from different polymers. The second lecture was given by Assist. Prof. Dr. Naseem Abdul Salim, a researcher at Lund University in Sweden who discussed the manufacture of a light particle detector charged in nuclear accelerators using two-dimensional Graphene. The third lecture was delivered by Assist. Prof. Dr. Hani Jassim Kabashi, a researcher at Aston University in Britain on the applications of ultra-short optical fiber lasers and their use in the interpretation of natural phenomena as well as in medical applications.

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