Symposium on the basics components of 5G Networks at the computer center  

The computer center at the University of Baghdad organized a practical symposium on the basic components of 5G networks, their requirements, the possibilities and services they offer to the individual and society as well as their importance in the industrial, commercial, financial and other fields presented by Dr. Muayad Khalil Murtadha in the presence of a number of staff and members.

The symposium focused on the enormous potential offered by 5G networks in terms of the provision of occasional and fast packages, data transmission at very low delay as well as their high flexibility. The lecturer addressed also the concept of the “Cold Trade War” between the United States and China since the Chinese giant companies were able to develop 5G networks for the first time in the world which is something that can generate huge profits for the implementing companies so we find nowadays that Huawei company precedes many other companies in the field of building and construction of such networks. 

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