Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering participates in the second patent exhibition at the ministry of industry and minerals

Prof. Dr. Alaa Karim Mohammed from the department of biochemical engineering at Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering has participated recently in the second patent exhibition sponsored by the Industrial Research and Development Authority at the ministry of industry and minerals with two inventions, the first one dealt with “The production of industrial silk from palm fronds” along with the teacher Dr. Assem Hassan Mohammed and the engineer Yasmine Saleh Mahdi which examined the economic return, cost of producing of industrial silk in Iraq to enhance the provision of hard currency when importing foreign goods.

The second patent was entitled “The use of urease produced and purified from proteus mirabilis in the production of several local urea concentrations in blood” invented jointly with Dr. Ali Hafiz through which the researchers tested several samples of urea with the usual methods.

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