Professor from the institute of genetic engineering participates in a conference on supporting Iraqi journals in Sulaimaniyah


Assist. Prof. Dr. Bassima Hassan from the institute of genetic engineering and biotechnology for postgraduate studies at the University of Baghdad has participated recently in the First International Conference on Science and Technology sponsored by Al-Noor Research and Development Company (ANICST 2019) in Sulaimaniyah in cooperation with the department of research and development at the ministry of higher education and scientific research under the slogan “Supporting Iraqi journals in Scopus database.”

Dr. Bassima Hassan presented a research paper entitled (The role of bacterial infections on male infertility) which examined the effect of bacteria on semen and its relationship to semen efficiency among infertile males where the researcher collected samples from the Institute of Infertility and Assisted Reproduction Techniques in Kadhimiyah, Baghdad, from June to July 2019 that were implanted by bacteriological techniques adopted on (50) collected samples and found that 45 (90%) of which got bacteria.

The results showed that the size, time of liquidity, hydrogen, number of sperms, their forms, stacks, cells and sperm-generating cells for the uninfected people were 3.25 ml, 40 minutes, 8.5-38.08 million/ml, 35.42,1.25, and 7.96 consecutively.


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