University of Baghdad Patents 2014

No.CollegeTitleNo. of PatentDateResearcher
1ArtsGoalkeeper moves right and left with boxes containing lamps40182014Dr. Muhammad Ali Majeed Zair
2ScienceDevelopment of a hybrid method for data compression by using shift encoder and run-length coding38352014Dr. Loai Edwar George
Teacher. Bushra Abdulla Sultan
3EngineeringSynthesis and Evaluation of Lubricating Oil Additives for Detergency, Oxidation Stability and Viscosity Index Improvement39672014Prof. Dr. Abdul Haleem Abdul Kareem Mohammad
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rifat Ahmed
Associate Dr. Zainab Abdul Zahra Khudair Al-Masri
Senior engineer Salah Mehdi Ali Hassan
4ScienceAnalyzer of continuous flux injection for measurement of sour (0-180) and hash for two sites (2N90) by using sensor solar cells39172014Prof. Dr. Essam Mohamed Ali Shaker Al-Hashimi
Prof. Dr. Ngham Shaker Turki Al-Awadi
5AgricultureUse of Carnitine to improve productive, physiological and reproductive performance for the local duck39542014Hazem Jabbar Al-Daraji/
Walid Khalid Al-Hiani/
Hisham Ahmed Al-Mashhadani/
Anmar Auda Tahir/
Ali Sabah Ali Al-Hassani