Rector’s Speech

University of Baghdad (UOB), the first university established in Iraq, has led to many pioneering systems and traditions. Its outstanding achievements are distinguished signs in the development of higher education. To build upon these achievements, a new strategy for the development of the university was launched in 2018 and will last until 2022. The strategy was based on an analysis of the conditions surrounding the university, which will set clear paths for it to excel in its performance  on the achievements and successes of the university in teaching and learning, scientific research, institutional development and community participation.

The new vision of the university, its mission and its core values have become a real motivation for all university employees to implement the new strategy  as well as to rely on a comprehensive precise strategic analysis for providing the best students . We strive to create a scientific and research environment suitable for the international developments of the higher education sector.

Our educational, research and community service programs have acquired  a strong reputation in the scientific community. The university has been able to rise to the ranks of the prestigious International and Arab universities. The UOB intends to maintain this leadership with a high degree of pride, making its graduates a basic demand in the various fields of the labor market.

The exceptional efforts made in preparing this strategy represented a major challenge, but the biggest challenge lies in its implementation and facing the conditions that hinder its implementation, especially in the field of research and the availability of resources, which put a massive responsibility on the university’s staff, moreover, this need doubling the efforts to achieve the desired goal and to apply its vision, mission and objectives in the framework of the leadership that we all seek for the best  for the oldest university in Iraq.

Speech of the Preparatory Committee

The strategic planning shows the framework and direction that lead the organization’s management and support it. Successful institutions operate within the framework of a strategic plan, in which priorities are decided by the available resources  to improve services, support and develope staff and to increase the ability to deal with external risks and contribute to crisis management.

UOB Rector believes in the importance of applying the scientific method in the preparation of its strategy (2018-2022). The preparatory Committee of the Strategic Plan was formed under UOB’s Rector  supervision under order number (16387) on 7/6/2017.

The Committee took into consideration that the strategy has to include the answer to five main questions:

Q1. Where does the university stand at this time? (Analysis the current condition of the university).

Q2. Where do we want to get? (Setting the vision, mission and strategic goals).

Q3. How do we get what we want to get? (Identifying strategies, plans, mechanisms, programs and required projects).

Q4. How do we get what we want to reach? (Identification of mechanisms, timelines and required resources to implement proposed strategies, plans, mechanisms, programs and projects and follow up their implementation).

Q5. Do we actually reach what we want to reach? (Set principles for evaluations and monitoring ).

The Committee carried out the following procedures:

  1. Collecting and analyzing the university data.
  2. Define the scopes and structure of the strategy.
  3. Amend the initial formulations of the university vision, its mission, its values, its purposes and its strategic objectives.
  4. Determine the executive programs that are necessary to achieve the strategic objectives  and procedures of the University, and determine the time frame, and the body responsible for implementation, as well as determine its outputs, and that indicators that measure its success.
  5. Identify and study the constraints and determinants facing the implementation of the strategy.
  6. Conducting a series of specialized workshops to discuss the different strategic areas for obtaining feedback and making amendments to them.
  7. Establish a mechanism to follow up the implementation of the Strategic Plan on a regular basis, in which a semi-annual report about the progress of implementation of the plan will be prepared according to the planned performance indicators.

Features of the University of Baghdad

UOB is the second largest university in the Middle East and the oldest university in Iraq. College of Law (1908), College of Engineering (1921),   High Teachers’ House (1923) and Faculty of Medicine (1927) represent the first cornerstones for establishing UOB in 1957. It is the first of its kind from which highly trained educational, technical and administrative  staff emerged and supported the staff of other Iraqi universities that were founded and built later. Other government institutions were got benefitted from that staff.

Since its inception, UOB has responded rapidly to all the requirements of national development plans by increasing the number of students accepted in all disciplines (graduate and post graduate), in addition to the foundation of new colleges which have reached to twenty-four colleges till now as well as four postgraduate institutes , and ten centers, seven of which are for research works and three are service providers (Appendix 1). The university also responds by increasing the specializations of postgraduate studies. The increase in the number of students in the university is accompanied by an increasing interest in providing the necessary supplies, the most important of which are the residential complex for students as there are 12 residential complexes annexed to the university . The University’s formations are accompanied also by 21 consultative offices that provide services to the institutions of the public and private sectors.

Halls, parks, squares, playgrounds, guesthouses, medical clinics, clubs, museums, mosques, fields, farms, health centers, radio stations, banks are the most important annaxations of the university formations.

The UOB is characterized by having a rich and big base of experienced human resources that enables it to achieve its vision,  mission and strategic objectivesThis base includes teaching staff, researchers, technicians and administrators, as well as graduate and post graduate students .(annexation No.2)

The entry of the university in the field of competition at the global level through its emergence in a number of global classifications increased its national responsibility to represent the higher education institutions globally,  these ratings are:

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  • Qs World University Rankings.
  • Qs Arab Region.
  • U.S. News Best Arab Region Universities Rankings
  • RUR University Ranking.
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