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Historical View

Faculty of Information was established in 2002 by two sections, namely section of the press and radio and television journalism. Then open a third in 2005, is the public relations department. The Faculty of Information a division of the Faculty of Arts since its inception in 1964 and was carrying the name of the time (Department of Journalism). Has been used in the first years after the foundation professors from Egypt sister PhDs flags and comes in the forefront of d. Latif and Dr. Hamza. Abdulkadir Hussein. He studied at the college of professors Iraqi media professor Dr. Zaki Al-Jaber. Aldaqouka Dr. Ibrahim. Said Dr. Sinan. Hassan Eidi. The total came out in crowds of journalists and media professionals, many of whom hold senior positions in media organizations, domestic and foreign.

Deans of Faculty:

A. D. Abdul Razzaq al-Dulaimi, from 2002 to 2003.
A. D. Mehdi Sumaisem benign from 2003 to 2006.
A. D. Numan Hadi al-Hiti, from 2006 to 2008.
A. M. D. Salam Ahmed Samer from 2008 – 2011
A. M. D. Hashim Hassan Al-Tamimi of the 2011


Society, including lead the College of rehabilitation science and media to its graduates as well as prepared by the professors of the research on solid scientific, and openness to the society and state institutions through the provision of scientific advice and the organization of qualifying courses in journalism and radio and television, public relations and dissemination of knowledge media.


Maintaining the scientific status of the college and looking to get the global recognition of the work being done through the achievement of quality standards.


College seeks to prepare and qualify graduates who are able to work in new media in the areas of the press and broadcast journalism and television, public relations and advertising, and through providing them with scientific background and experience, and technical skills appropriate to qualify them to work in these areas, and can determine the objectives of the College, including the following: Training students to work in the practice of journalism in the areas of news gathering and editing, design, directing and publishing news. Training students to practice working in radio and television organizations in the areas of preparation and delivery of programs and directing and directing radio and television, design and conduct research listeners and viewers. Training students to practice working in government institutions and private companies and the banking sector in the areas of public relations and principles for dealing with the public. Training students to practice in the areas of preparation and planning media campaigns and advertising, and design of advertising in various media and advertising institutions. Training students to practice in the areas of research and media studies and public opinion research.