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College of Fine Arts

The emergence of the Faculty of Fine Arts

  Was (Conservatory) in Baghdad, the first nucleus of the founding of the most important in Iraq, said a scientific study art in 1936, and was aimed at the dissemination of culture art and music.

  In 1940 the name was changed to (Institute of Fine Arts), and combined with the branches of acting, directing, painting and sculpture, to study the Diploma. In 1958, I started the idea of ​​founding (Academy of Fine Arts), which adopted (Dr. Khalid Al-Gadir), building the Ministry of Education in the academic year 1958 to 1959 the Academy, and chose a building located in the region - the door of the holy near the Medical City on the River Tigris, and the embodied in two parts only: the Department of Film (and taught arts cinema, theater, 'and a section drawing (and studying graphic arts and sculpture) and then turned the building to the area of ​​Corniche Adhamiya, on the Tigris River is also' near Directorate of residence. and was awarded a Higher Diploma, and the duration of the study the three calendar years.

And punish the management of the Academy in the period of:

  1. d. Khaled Al-Gadir.
  2. Jassim Al Aboudi .
  3. d. Ali al-Zubaidi .
  4. d. Aziz Aziz waterfall

  And graduated its first session at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1963 - 1964, as the alumni section Cinema of: (Adel Dawood Salman al-Tamimi, Dia Shehab Ahmed al-Bayati, Rasim Silverline Jumaili, Amal Ali Ziauddin, Farouk Krikor Ohan, Najib Raphael Arabo, Bassam Farajallah pink, painter Emmanuel Jacob, Qahtan Mohammed Ahmed al-Qaisi, Romeo Joseph, Mohammed Yousef Al-Janabi). The alumni section drawing are: (Laila Attar, Aziz Hashim, chrome, Salem al-Dabbagh, Aziza (Jordan), Lotfi Necmettin, Ali Taleb, Sheikh Yahya, Badri al-Samarrai).

  Attached to the University of Baghdad in 1967, and was head of the university (d. Abdel Aziz al-Douri), as it is set (Hafez Droubi) was the first Dean of her .. Became the period of study (four years) gives a degree, and ordered the university No. (15 866) on 07.05.1967 establish its two Academy of Fine Arts (Theatre and Visual Arts) And is not available teaching staff holds advanced degrees to teach at the Academy, thereby requiring instructions to give teachers the Institute of Fine Arts titles art (such as Professor of Art), (Assistant Professor of Art), (teacher Art), (Assistant Lecturer, Art), and depending on years service in the state departments of each of them, and who have been granted early titles: Ismail Sheikhly, and high-Hassan, who grants the title of professor of art, and Faraj, Abbou was given the title Assistant Professor of Art, and Sami Abdul-Hamid, who awarded the title of teacher of art.

The first Council of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Baghdad, as follows:

    1. Mr. Hafez Droubi - (Assistant Professor of Art) Dean of the College President of the Council .
    2. Mr. Ismail Sheikhly - (Professor of Art), head of Fine Art .
    3. Mr. As'ad Abdul Razzaq - (Assistant Professor of Art) Head of Performing Arts .
    4. Mr. Hassan high - (Professor of Art). .
    5. Mr. Jassim Al-Aboudi - (art teacher) .
    6. Mr. Muhammad was sentenced rich - (art teacher). .
    7. Mr. Sami Abdul-Hamid - (art teacher), Associate Dean for Student Affairs

The first generation in college for teachers, consisted of:

  • The first generation in college for teachers, consisted of:
    1. Badri Hassoun unique.
    2. Sami Abdul-Hamid.
    3. Jaafar al-Saadi.
    4. Ibrahim Jalal.
    5. Jassim Al-Aboudi.
  • Second, the Fine Arts Department:
    1. super good.
    2. Ismail Sheikhly.
    3. Ismail Fattah Al Turk.
    4. Faraj Abbo.
    5. Mohamed rich ruled.
    6. Muhammad al-Hassani
    7. Maintain Droubi
    8. Khaled Al-Gadir

 Departments develop successively, one after the other, in 1982 was the development section of audio and visual arts, headed by Dr.. Abd al-Zaidi, the sender Pt_khassath cinema, radio and television. Were hired, a number of Egyptian professors to teach in the departments. In 1983, developed a design department Pt_khassath domestic, industrial and printing, textiles, then the Department of Art Education in 1983, and the Musical Arts in 1988, the Department of Arabic calligraphy and decoration in 1997. 

 Change the name (Academy of Fine Arts) to the (College of Fine Arts), the mid-eighties. And currently operates three buildings distributed in the Waziriya and Kasra, including building the first President (Dean and administration) as well as sections of the plastic arts, and arts and audio-visual design, and building second list sections (art education, art music, calligraphy and ornamentation) and includes building the third (Department of Performing Arts ).

 Seen all the scientific departments of cemented continues to perform scientific research, and develop their potential and providing them with the competencies of scientific teaching and provide supplies scientific development potential of the student in proportion to the objectives set them, and continually update their curriculum and its terms in line with the movement of scientific development in the various disciplines.

 Witnessed an increase in teaching staff prepared due to the increasing number of students, and the growing scientific disciplines, is now a cadre of college science, distributed as follows:



Assistant Professor




Assistant Lecturer