College of Engineering

College of Engineering

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It was established in 1921 as a school within the Directorate of Irrigation. After a period of time College of Engineering was established. It aims at preparing engineers capable of transforming the ideas into practical actuality. It consists of twelve departments(civil, mechanical. chemical, water resources, energy,computer,environmental, architectural, petroleum, electronics &communications and surveying).


The College of Engineering endeavors to be one of the colleges in Iraq and the region, during the next years advanced.


Graduating engineers in different fields to serve all areas of industry and building. Building the leadership qualities in its graduates through teaching how to lead, problem solving, team work, quality considerations, and professionalism at work. Instilling in graduates the spirit and commitment for acquiring knowledge and community service. Contributing ideas of projects and caring out research for the benefit and development of the community. Strengthen the confidence of the society and the foreign establishments in this products. The optimum investment of its resources and potentials. Scientific exchange and cooperation with other universities and literacy establishments in the advanced countries.