Department of Follow-up and Coordination


Administrative and Human Resources Unit :
This unit is considered one of the basic and most important units that the work of the department depends on it .It receives the incoming mail that comes to the department and prepare the accurate and timely responses after the mail is being released from the Office of the Manager.
Office of the Manager:
It represents the top of the organizational framework of the department of follow –up and coordination in the Presidency of the University of Baghdad ,where it manage the department and includes the works and the private tasks of all the units of the department both administratively and technically.
Follow- up Unit:
This unit is also called follow-up committee, where it pursues the presence of the university guards (morning and evening) and to make patrol inside and around the university campus for standing on the problems that face the university guards and to find appropriate solutions through the directions of the manager.
Secretary Unit:
This unit receives follow- up applicants and their applications then deliver them to the manager and facilitate the affairs of the reviewers as much as possible in addition to keeping the number of the internal memos copies and the private applications of the department within a specific mechanism to preserve it.
Computer and the Internet Unit:
This unit does many jobs like following –up all correspondence and received correspondences by the internet and translate them if they are written in English in addition to type all the official letters that are assigned by the personnel unit and type the official provisional authorizations to let the cars enter the campus.
Unit of Statistics (Studies & Planning):
It is one of the important units in the department through it all the data and private information concerning the staff can be known in addition to fill all the forms and the incoming tables by the other sections of the University with the required data and prepare the accurate answers for them.
Unit of Guards:
This unit is considered one of the vital sections for its being concerned with the affairs of the University guard including day-offs and transfers…etc.
Unit of IDs:
This unit issues the IDs of the University guards (morning and evening) (staff ad the contracted and the daily wage).
Unit of Operator and Processes:
This unit secures the wireless communication among the members of the university guards in all the sections of the university.