Department of Administrative Affairs


It is vital for the presidency of the university which came into being with its establishment. It emerged out of the amount of work being done and the number of employees on the permanent staffing is 14,863 and nearly 1,069 employee who works in contracts and wages per day. . It is worth mentioning that in the beginning of its establishment, there was the so-called Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs and continued to work until the beginning of the eighties of the last century to separate the two sections from each other and to join Legal Affairs with the Department of Administrative Affairs. And the appearance of the so-called legal and administrative affairs (the fact that nothing is above the law) and this work continued until 2004 as the legal affairs was separated from administrative and continued until the present day and wages per day.

The organizational structure of the Department of Administrative Affairs is as follows:
Administrators’ unit which deals with those who do not have degrees and do the placement, transfer services and overtures about the appointment and daily wages and orders of resignation and disengagement and orders of risk allowances and the allowances of position and the orders of reference, committees and installation contracts.
Unit of files: Its job is to save the orders and priorities in files and checking the issuance of documentation of staff and faculty and the support received binders and ordering support for staff and faculty with the feed service and the opening of such files new staff and faculty and to send such files for the redeployed outside the Office of the University.
Unit of vacations and retirement: – This unit issues orders of sick leave, and calculating the days of the holiday issue of the staff ,orders to leave normally, leave without payment and the transfer of staff to the health center ,maternity leaves and orders of bonus compensation and orders disengagement , the issuance of the health of the medical reports ,the issuance of age ,exchange orders compensatory reward of the martyrs and orders to add the military services to the civil ones.
Personnel Division includes the following units: Division of possession – It is one of the units which deals with the amendment of the salaries of staff, their titles, work allowances annually, and additions of years of services for instructors and approval of the cadres of the University of Baghdad.
Division of the teaching staff: – This division deals with university lecturers only. It also deals with the ordering of retirement and the appointment and transfer of services of the staff members. This division also deals with the validity of the candidate to teach and offers them scientific titles and books of thanks and appreciation, exemption, and orders a full-time and deployment within the country.
Division of Identities: – This Division is the organization of the identities of faculty and staff for university president and its divisions. It deals with providing badges for university guards, the organization of the identities of graduate students to the central information in Jadiriyah and the Central Library in Bab Al Muadam as well as designing slogans to the departments of the university and checking the identities periodically and investigating the loss of identity cards.
The units that are directly related to the Director of the Department:
Secretariat Unit: in this unit the mail, interviews as well as the meeting are organized.
follow-up Unit: mails are received from the University’s central mail of the president, assistants and the rest of the units . Then they will be sorted out, registered and distributed among the departments, colleges, institutes and university centers.
Editorial Unit – a unit used to follow up the responses of the colleges, institutes, centers and departments of the university through special computer programs showing daily the late answers and automatically ensuring their immediate responses.
Director of the section: is the one who chairs the section.