Department of Divan Affairs

Administration of Department:
Administration of the Department consists of manager of the Bureaus , manager of the services and the technical workshop and official of decorations.
Manager of Department:
Supervisor of the administartion of the department and has a responsibility to follow up the following units:
Services Division
Division of ornamental Science
Gardening Division
Division of Technical Workshop
Division of the Bureau
Public Services Division:
It works to set up fountains of water in different places at the university and maintenance of fountains, gardens to beautify the gardens of the university.
Follow-up bus lines and vectors of the university staff.
Maintenance and provide the needs of power generators in all colleges and university facilities.
The development of a maintenance of networks and pure water pumps and crude and heavy water to bring a number of engineers, specialists and technicians for the maintenance of these networks.
Maintenance and follow-up of lines Operator
Undertaking campaigns to clean the university and the transfer of waste and debris to landfills outside the university and prepare a staff to do the business
Awareness campaigns among students and staff to maintain the integrity of the environment and the areas surrounding the university
And thus linked to the divisions above the following units:
Transportation Unit
Cleanness Unit
Reception Unit
Maintenance of electricity Unit
the civil defense unit and occupational safety
Mechanisms and management Unit
Generator maintenance Unit
Pump maintenance Unit
Operator Unit
Division of the Bureau and public saving:
Follow-up of employees of the Department of Affairs Bureau and the request for information and to answer the census books of planning and administrative follow-up
Mark, sort and save letters from the unity of the published and unpublished unit
To give copies of the published letters when reviewed by the departments or colleges
published of letters unit that publish all the letters that come from all sections of the University to the colleges, centers and others
As well as the work of the unpublished letters that come from the offices to the presidency of the university
With regard to the work of the reception so is to facilitate the inquiry of the applicants.
And thus linked to the division above the following units:
Internet Unit
The administrative follow-up Unit
Typing Unit
Published and unpublished.
Division of Technical Workshop: Linked to it the following units:
Carpentry factory Unit: – for the maintenance and manufacture of furniture for special desks at Baghdad University
Cars maintenance Unit
Maintenance of cars belonging to the University
Oil change
To store the damaged material.
Blacksmith Unit: – to maintain and manufacture of materials that require it.
Gardening Division
Set up system and sprinkler irrigation in the gardens of the university
Clean the irrigation channel in the university and fight against bush by pesticides
Distribute the collection of waste containers in the gardens of the University facilities and the distribution of waste collection bags on colleges
The maintenance of gardens of the University and planted with trees and flowers and grass and maintenance of irrigation systems and pumps
Coordination with the Municipality of Karrada in order to contribute to clean the shops and parks of the university
Linked to the division above guesthouse Unit