Department of Postgraduate Studies


This department is regarded as the administrative reference for postgraduate studies department in colleges and higher institutes .It connects and correlates with the department of research and development at Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Units and Sections:
It contains four sections and nine units. The duties 0f the head of the department:
Duties of the department:
Identifying the faculty members at the university who are qualified in the field of instruction and supervision, as well as the admission plans set for the postgraduate studies courses. then consolidated to be sent to the Department of Research and Development in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for authentication and approval, in the first three months of the year.
Contributing and expressing the opinions in the preparation of regulations for admission to postgraduate studies for the following academic year and that in the months of April and May and in coordination with the Ministry.
Preparing sections of postgraduate Studies at the University formations to receive requests for higher education during June to the end of December.
Receive all applications from the university formations and studying, sorting and consolidating them in preparation for the results and announce the names of the admitted students for the next academic year, and inform the ministry, during September and October.
Issuing orders to graduate and undergraduate students and discussions of Ph.D. students, throughout the year.
Delivering instructions, orders and generalizations related to postgraduate affairs to the colleges and higher institutes at the university and answer their questions and comments or submit them to the ministry to answer them, throughout the year.
Preparing the statistics and tables that belong to the postgraduate studies and students.
Full documentation of the data of the graduate and save them, throughout the year.
Answering the queries of postgraduate students and their complaints and observations in coordination with the Ministry and the University formations, throughout the year.
Communicating the results of ratifications of records of the University Council to colleges and higher institutes with regard to higher studies as its ownership, throughout the year.
Preparing the cases of students and finding solutions and sending them to the University Council.
Preparing a method of the committee of the University Council to consider the issues referred to it.
Preparing of the records of the Committee and forwarding them after being approved by the presidency of the university to the Secretariat of the university Council for consideration.