Manifestation to complete Recording University of Baghdad in the Guinness World Records

Manifestation to complete Recording University of Baghdad in the Guinness World Records

  University of Baghdad has completed all the requirements to be recorded in the Guinness World Records, as the first university in the Middle East and the Arab world , leading education and peace, this is done by the major activity that lasted for two consecutive months in coordination with the astronaut Farid Abdulzahra Lafta who contributed to t follow-up the project to be held in the University of Baghdad and under the direct supervision of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein president of the University of Baghdad, and with the management of the project by Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit Salman, head of the project, who explained that the project represents a new achievement of the University as in the international rankings of universities such webometrix and global QS, adding that the activity is under the title “the greatest symbol of peace in the world,” noting that the symbol has been done by the capabilities and potentials of the university students and faculty members ,where they have drawn a great symbol of peace by line up formation that consist of children’s toys in the closed playground of the college of Physical Education at Baghdad University , in order to break the previous record that is recorded on behalf of America with an area of 61 square meters, Baghdad University occupies a new record with an area of 103 square meters and 3000 children’s toys .

  Preparations are conducting in full swing at the University for holding a major scientific manifestation on Monday 24/11/2014 to receive the certificate of the standard record certified by the Guinness Book under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani, at Al-Hakeem Hall at the University at ten O’clock in the morning. invitations to VIP in government institutions and civil society have been distributed , where the university completed the project on 12- 11-2014 and with the contribution of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the presence of more than 250 orphans from all over Iraq and all its sects. The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammed Shiyaa’ Al- Sudani has opened the celebration in the presence of Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussain , president of Baghdad University and Assistant Professor Dr. Osama Fadhil and a group of faculty members and students as well as many of the mass media that covered the celebration. The celebration has begun with the Iraqi Republican anthem and then a word of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs has delivered and another of the president of the University of Baghdad and finally the astronaut Fareed Abdulzahra lafta also has delivered a word , then the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs with the president of the university and Captain Fareed step forward the big board to put the last three dolls from the total 3000 of the peace board , to complete the board.

  Mohammed Shiyaa’ Al-Sudani , Minister of Labour and Social Affairs has made his speech clear to celebrate the accredited humanitarian approach in our country to take care of orphans and the important responsibility to embrace them and the plans that are set out in the development of their potentials and their educational and cultural, intellectual and creative ability , explaining the unlimited support from the government and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for this class .

  Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussain has explained that the University of Baghdad is not like other traditional universities, which only relies on the scientific method in the graduation of the students, but the educational programs contribute more actively in serving the society .

  The astronaut Fareed lafta has explained at the celebration the importance of this major event that would change the gloomy , distorted and contrived picture by the hostile mass media to the homeland, stressing that our country is not as hostile media described , but is one of the finest countries in the world for carrying advantages and centers for the development of human and intellectl, and that Iraq is not as imagined by the West , like Kandahar or stricken countries, but it has the most beautiful humanitarian image and progress of civilization . Fareed has also confirmed to shed light on the reality of wasted childhood in Iraq because of the violence , terrorism and conflicts, television and video games or the imported violent toys that contributed to the ideological violence among children, stressing the attention and care of them psychologically to be support for the future, and also pointed out that the major scientific manifestation, which the university has set up a message of love and peace from Iraq to the world through the unconventional major symbolic board which forms humanly expressed entity through childhood games that represents the peace symbolism. He has concluded that this event b came to represent an academic promise from the University of Baghdad for orphans and displaced members for building them intellectually and scientifically in order to be in the seats of study in the university to convert to builders , thinkers and innovators of the future.

  The website and the Office of the university channel go pace with all the important stages of this great project for the University and documented with a set of images and scenes . The university channel will review the details of this activity and scientific manifestation.

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