Data Show Projector

Data Show Projector

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emad Hadi Abbas Al-Kawaz, in College of Fine Arts / University of Baghdad


The traditional lighting device is accompanied by a number of risks and technical faults such as the following: shortage of the device s life span, the high costs, the Huge size with high consumption of electricity , the non-flexible use, the risks of fire in result of using it in limited angles ,The complication of electrical conductivity ,in addition to the technical limitation in performing with only specific chromatic spectrum that does not exceed the seven colors. Therefor, it is the lighting  Alternative that comes to handle all these faults and risks by its safe usage , low consumption of electricity and huge chromatic spectrum that reaches more than 16 million tones. Besides, it offers the reduction in size , weight and cost as well as high flexibility in functioning , in designs and implementation in theatre production. So the researcher has invented the lighting Alternative to the traditional lighting device through replacement the(Data Show) functions from its normal data projecting device to lighting Alternative system that could replace about 40 or more traditional device. All this could happen by re-design the lens of the device , the ability of the lamp , the projection angles and then connecting it to the chromatic system (RGB) and the power point program already stored in computers to finally reach to the whole lighting alternative system that provides so many processors that sorted out by more than one theatrical show As in Figures from (1-6). From his patent, the researcher concluded with a set of conclusions such as:

1. Lighting Alternative Processing make a profit on the cost, weight, size and life span of the device in addition to the level that can be considered the safest in theatre.

2. Infrastructure reduction for the theatrical show to the lower boundary of  lighting alternative, costumes and the actor.
3. Lighting alternative design are flexible in the procedures of design, modification and implementation in accordance with the software pre-stored in the computer.

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