Training Apparatus for Spiking and Blocking Skills in Volleyball

Training Apparatus for Spiking and Blocking Skills in Volleyball 

Prepared by:
Ziyad Tarik Hatim/Ministry of education
Assist. Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Allah Falah/

College of  physical education and sport science, University of Baghdad


Using up to date devices and apparatuses in developing the technical performance level of volleyball players is one of the most important fundamentals that have great and effective role in the development of the sport and rising achievement. Being a former player in Junior and Youth volleyball teams for Al-Quwwat Al-Jawwia -Air Force- Club and having the chance to follow up matches among volleyball teams, the researcher notices a weakness in the accuracy of spiking and blocking skills decreasing by that the chance of scoring. This weakness specifically appears among junior and youth players who are the main pillar of the development process. However, the lack of enough tools and apparatuses to fix this problem has inspired the researcher to design a proposed aiding apparatus to improve the accuracy of the skillful performance. The limited efficiency of the available apparatuses used in the development of this skill as they only allow vertical adjustment for the ball make them beneficial in the beginning of the learning process. Hence, the researcher gets the motivation to solve the problem and designing an aiding apparatus with game-like moving ball; to move vertically and horizontally or in an arch aiming at developing the accuracy of spiking and blocking skills in volleyball.

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