Fire Protection Elevators Cab System

Fire Protection Elevators Cab System  

Prepared by:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Majeed Habeeb Faidh Allah/ 

Department of mechanical engineering, College of  engineering, University of Baghdad

Engineer Ali Falah Hassan


As a result of disasters that got in recent times especially in buildings fires, that led to many deaths as a result of combustion or chocking from fire smoking for users cabin elevators. So, the need became urgent to address this problem to extinguishing  or removing the fire from cabin elevator for certain period of time while the arrival of firefighting workers, so was the designed and implementation of the protection or removing the fires extinguishing that occur outside the cabin elevators, specifically fires that occur in buildings which includes elevators. During the stoppage due to fire, where it was installed fire protection system fire surround the cabin elevators from abroad. It operates autonomously and directly to protect those within the cabin in the event of a fire outside and that is done by contacting the thermal sensors in the system. It operate as a result from the temperatures rise on the run sprays slots ablation and the desire to push the fire and the water automatically ablation. As well as the fans inside the cabin elevator at the same time working on air circulation to  a bottleneck for people who are inside it when the fires occur. It has been linked to Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) in fire extinguishing system work to run in case of power outages due to fire. Fire has also been linked with the Global System Mobile (GSM)  network to connect mobile communication with panel electronic development (Arduino) in elevator, in order to send a SMS messages to the maintenance mobiles of the elevators technical team in order to fire alerts.

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