Chemiluminescence ( CL) cell for Continuous Flow Injection Analysis (CFIA)

Chemiluminescence ( CL) cell for Continuous Flow Injection Analysis (CFIA) 

Prepared by:

Prof. Dr. Nagham Shaker Turki al-Awadi/Department of chemistry, Faculty of science, University of Baghdad


A special cell for the use in instrumental analysis in the field of continuous flow injection analysis which is an instrumental analytical method a fully automated in most of it’s manifold .Reaction volume of the cell is 870 µL. This volume include a gradual volume change starting with an operture of 10mm extend for 5.5mm followed by 8mm which extend for 4.6mm then 6mm operture diameter extend for 6mm finally by 4mm diameter extended for 4mm.The whole cell is open from both ends .Figure no.1 shows a photographic picture for interior of the cell ;also it shows the entrance tube and the outlet tube by using a colored tubes for their representation; as the used material is so transparent that the details can not be seen clearly .The light generated from chemiluminescence or from the energy liberated through the energy transfer of chemiluminescence to a molecule(or fluorescent molecules) via photomultiplier tube that work in DC current at 1000+50 VDC.The PMT is not part of the request and its used to show the success of the design and the whole cell.

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